Shooter Topics and Courses

Miramichi Sportsmens Club

Firearms Glossary         This glossary is as provided within the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course.

Steve's Gun Manuals Pages         If you need a manual for your gun it is probably here. These pages are .PDF files and require Adobe Reader.

Firearms Positive         This site contains lots of shooting information as well as links to important contacts for the shooter.

Guntalk TV         This site contains a number of instruction videos and information for the gun enthusiast.

Nova Scotia Hunter Safety Course:         Certificate is for the province of Nova Scotia. Interesting refresher course or great for new hunters.

Firearms Safety Course:         A comprehensive online Firearms Safety Course for all types of Firearms. Fourteen interesting chapters.

Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette         This is a nine minute video discussing Firearm Range Safety.

Set up Your Rifle Scope for Success        Properly set up your rifle and scope combination.

Riflescope Mounting Part 1 And Part 2         How to mount a riflescope.

Crossbow Training         An Online Crossbow Hunter Training Course. Certificate is for the province of Nova Scotia.

How To Shoot A Handgun         Step by step instructions on handgun shooting.

Beginner Shooting Tips         Sight picture and aiming.

How To Buy Ammo         A quick guide when buying ammo.

How to Legally Buy a Gun in Canada         What you need to know to purchase a firearm.

How To Sight In A Gun         Get on target without burning up a pile of ammo.

Technical Training: Pistol:         The theory and practise of the basics - stance, sights, trigger, plus more including exercises for pistol shooting.

Technical Training: Rifle:         The theory and practise of the basics for match, sporting and air rifle and for all three rifle positions.

Technical Training: Shotgun:         Some introductory articles for novice trapshooters

Firearms Handling Refresher: Handguns:         A refresher lesson on handling a Handgun.

Firearms Handling Refresher: Shotguns:         A refresher lesson on handling a Shotgun.

Firearms Handling Refresher: Rifles:         A refresher lesson on handling a Rifle.

Beginner's Introduction To Skeet         Newcomers to the game of Skeet will find the basics here.

Shotgun Shooting         How Much Lead? Forward allowance is one of the most commonly used techniques of Shotgun Shooting.

New Brunswick IPSC Video         This video is designed to be played during gun and trade shows. It features the various stations of an IPSC Shoot.

Application for Authorization to Transport Restricted & Prohibited Firearms         Application and information about the various questions on the form.


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